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Using care and compassion, I help people come home to themselves while connecting them with the divine love of the universe.

My personal journey has woven beautifully into my career path (as both a counselor and educator) with my soul's purpose as I help others live a heart focused life. Using a combination of healing practices including crystals, clearing, and HeartMath I am able to help people find the strength within their sensitivity.

I draw from my intuition, (humbling & most valuable) experience in parenting, counseling, teaching, training in Shambhala Buddhism, and as a certified HeartMath Resilience Coach/Mentor. I am also able to provide clients with 'on the go' skills and techniques that will create the opportunity for loving communication, with themselves and others, and help them move about the world with ease.


A calming presence…
she lives her teachings and shares them in a relatable way. I’m thrilled and thankful she’s come into my life.
— Tiffany

My experience with Tyler and the HeartMath technique has been truly renewing.
— Zandra

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Little did I know that HeartMath would be a practice that is also immensely helpful in my own life, personally and as a mother. Tyler is incredibly knowledgeable and has a very calming demeanor.
— Robyn

The pendulum class is a game changer!
I connect with it daily as part of my meditation practice.
— Stephanie