Using care and compassion, I help people come home to themselves while connecting them with the divine love of the universe.

This care and compassion comes from a place of understanding how difficult it can be to find inner peace as a sensitive and intuitive person. As a young child I was saw ghosts and received intuitive warnings. Into adulthood I would pick up on the energy of others which would, at times, lead to sickness or injury. Over the past few years I have learned that my intuition is a gift that needs to be cared for and protected. Now that I have the tools to do so, I am living a happy and fulfilling life where I am able to connect with my own heart and divine guidance. My personal journey has woven beautifully into my career path (as both a counselor and educator) with my soul's purpose as I help others live a heart focused life. Using a combination of healing practices including crystals, clearing, and HeartMath I am able to help people find the strength within their sensitivity. Drawing from my intuition, (humbling and most valuable) experience in parenting, counseling, teaching, training in Shambhala Buddhism, and as a certified HeartMath Resilience Coach/Mentor I am able to provide clients with 'on the go' skills and techniques that will create the opportunity for loving communication (with themselves and others) and moving about the world with ease.