Finding Peace and Balance

Balance and peace are two themes that tend to come up during Libra season. Two illusive qualities we all want more of in our life. This past weekend I unexpectedly found both and it felt incredible! The reason this peace and balance came as a surprise was because of the full moon in Aries! My boss at the hospital used to mark full moons on our calendar and teachers always know why the kids are getting extra stir crazy! There was great potential for fiery tempers to flare with this full moon especially. Knowing this, I was quiet for almost all of the 4 hour car ride with my husband on Friday. If you know me, you would understand that this is COMPLETELY out of character. I don't do small talk and really enjoy intense, meaningful conversation- this was no small feat! Although I get teased about watching weekly astrology reports they tend to have a positive effect on those around me. It's like watching a weather forecast for my emotions- if I don't know what's coming how could I possibly prepare!? On Friday quietly listening to music,  enjoying each other's company, and a little heart focus was all we needed in order to find peace. 

Once we reached our destination we were ready to start celebrating our dear friends' over their wedding weekend. We had a two night stay in a camp bunk room with three other couples. It felt like college and was absolutely invigorating. Our house is not boring or quiet, so it wasn't the company I needed- it was the friendship and community of peers. A few days before the wedding my daughter had clearly stated that we are not friends. Haha! She didn't say it in a hurtful way, she was simply stating a fact. The love I share with my friends is so different and it had been missing IRL for a while! The group I was with this weekend is loving, caring, intuitive group of healers and artists. I came home with a full heart and am ready to share. When we are missing an important part of our lives we often put a laser focus on the parts of our lives that are there, like our partners, children, or work which drives things further out of balance. It reminds me of talking to my sister when I moved off to college and she felt like my parents were breathing down her neck. Hehe! As a Mom it's far too easy for to slip into this and I have to constantly remind myself to ask, "what does my heart want?" Asking yourself this question, taking time out for self care and finding where you need balance is essential for you and everyone around you. This is not something that has come naturally to me as a sensitive care taker, it something I am constantly working on through my practice. If you are a care taker, sensitive, empath, rescuer, or mother the work I'm doing is for you! Give this gift to yourself and let it radiate out. Wishing you all peace, balance and a sense of community in this moment.