Care Bears

In Dave Chappelle's Netflix exclusive he discusses his childhood love of Care Bears. This is something we share. Of course the way he talks about them is hilarious and insightful. People who are sensitive often use humor to get through pain. The funniest people I know tend to be sensitive and anxious because they are able to see the truth no matter how difficult it might be. In this routine Chappelle speaks fondly of the Care Bears stare. In amazement he states, "And I'm not even bull$%&*ing you, actual love would shoot out of their chest and would dispel anything that was F-ed up," this cracked me up because there is a moment (or perhaps years) in our lives when we feel this isn't possible and it's devastating. We have a desire to fix things with love and good intentions and feel helpless when our efforts fail. My daughter recently started watching Care Bears at a point in my life where I'm beginning to believe again. We do have the power to emanate love. Scientific studies have proven that we give off energy from our energy fields as author Gregg Braden discusses in the clip below. If you are a sensitive, compassionate person looking practice you Care Bear stare let me know!