"You can find happiness right where you are,"

The newest Disney movie, Moana, in all its brilliance, has been a huge inspiration to me. You can find and cultivate happiness right now. I may live in a smaller home, have more financial stress and less material things than many of my peers but I feel joy and abundance all around me because I've made the choice to build it- you can too. Starting this business has been terrifying. I've really chosen to put myself out there. If I learned anything from the Grandmother character in Moana (or from my own Grandmother) it's summed up pretty well in the film, "The village may think I'm crazy or say that I drift too far but once you know what you like well there you are." This is who I am and this is what I love doing. Once you come home to yourself nothing anyone says will make you want to go back to your old way of living. My Russian literature professor once shared that his favorite texts were written in simple language but with deep and meaningful themes- I certainly share his preference especially because of my connection with children. There is also a short at the end of the film called "Inner Workings," that beautifully illustrates the heart-brain connection. These themes come up in the media when people are ready and in need of this kind of healing. If you're ready, give it a try. Try growing your own happiness through the heart center, I can assure you that it is the most brave and rewarding choice you could make.