A Different Song

Sometimes life feels tough or Murphy's Law seems to take over, either out in the world or in my personal life and usually it's both at the same time- I'm a big believer in synchronicity. Things have felt that way recently in both the world and my world. My mentor was teasing me that I needed to change my theme song from the "Itsy-bitsy Spider" to "This Little Light of Mine." This is my current practice. Changing my song whenever I'm feeling washed out. 

My wise mentor has also told me that every obstacle or trauma I have worked with throughout my life has been part of my internship that has lead me to this point in my journey- to help others working through similar themes. I asked her, "why couldn't I have just gotten coffees for people like a normal person?!" She just laughed and said something about how I get bored too easily. It's true- I'm the type that needs to keep moving. What's also true is that I much prefer working in a meaningful and transformative way with others. The lovely thing about this is that my work transforms both me and my group- this is what synchronicity looks when it comes from the heart.

We can always choose ease and joy. In each moment we can choose a different song and it's most powerful when we make this choice together. The best way to practice is with others who are making the same choice at ever turn. If you're working on changing your song please contact me. The more of us that do this work the louder our music will be. I am looking to form more communities of light bearers (no pun intended).  


Dr. Wayne Dyer explains synchronicity beautifully in this video below.