Oh it has been too long since I have felt inspired to write a post! Sorry for leaving you all hanging! 

I wanted to talk to you all about fire or spirit because after this Leo full moon eclipse- I am feeling it! Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries are the three fire signs of the zodiac. Our family is filled with fire signs and my oldest daughter is a spirited Aries to say the least! Fire is one of the five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is associated with the heart, heart protector, and small intestine. It is an element that feel comfortable working with and fully appreciate anyone who works easily with the Earth or Wood elements- they don’t come to me with as much ease just yet. I can however, speak to fire. 

When connecting with spirit or the fire element you can often feel your body temperature rise. I have intense spiritual dreams and become a furnace at night time!

Fire medicine is tricky to work with because people often fear it. It triggers others big time! I have been working with spirit for a long time now and have a lot of quiet (unless I'm at home) fire energy so I often trigger people without either of us knowing it. At the gym today there was a woman burning a hole in my back while I was on the treadmill. Haha! Luckily, I now know that my presence alone does this to people; friends, family, people watching my Facebook videos and strangers at the gym. I also know how to protect myself energetically. When I noticed what this woman was doing I quickly protected myself with a bubble of light and sent her energy back to her higher self to be healed. Immediately afterwards, she looked away and showed a more peaceful expression.

People can't just walk away from fire on their own because they're mesmerized by it. So they tend to do one of two things; try to put it out because it scares them or curl up next to it and enjoy its warmth. This woman definitely fell into the previous category and people who choose to work with me fall into the later. Neither category is better than the other because the lessons are equally helpful! I learn just as much from the people who teach me a lesson by upsetting me as I do from the people who gently explain something with love and compassion. One of my dear friends who is studying Feng Shui explained that fires are necessary to clear space for new growth. We can fear what might lose in the fire if we're not trusting that spirit will only clear away things that are no longer serving us. When standing around a fire pit the brilliant light of the fire highlights our long shadows that perhaps we aren't ready to face but you can't enjoy the fire's warmth if you don't get close enough to cast a shadow. 

I love you all and am wishing you a warm and cozy relationship with fire!

This post was inspired by this song by Tuneyards and by my firey relationship! Haha!