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Class Offerings:

Heart Math training- Through this training you will learn several breathing techniques, emotion regulation strategies and have the option to track yourself through the use of biofeedback-like technology. HeartMath training has been a game changer for me personally and is best for anyone wanting to maintain a daily practice with a super busy schedule. You will learn how to flow with the changes of daily life and come back home to your heart no matter what comes your way. It's called resilience training for a reason! Check out my February discount!

Pendulum class- This course will help you connect to your energy and the energy of others. You will learn how to find balance through working with the Chinese fields of medicine and the chakras. This process clears blockages in people, places and things in order to promote flow. 

Crystal Grids class- Crystal grids are your smoke signal to the universe and are an important tool used to manifest your best life. You will learn how to use sacred geometry and crystals to clearly set your intention with the divine and watch the magic happen!

To sign up send me an email and pick the 4 class option on the PayPal dropdown menu below. I do recommend that classes are taken in this order because of the content and spiraling nature of each course. The three work beautifully together!

Individual Sessions:

One-on-one sessions are an hour long and can be done in person or over the phone. Email me for a free ten minute consultation to see if it's the right fit for you.

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I am an intuitive and work with crystals that give me clear messages about what might need to be healed in any given situation. All of the classes I am teaching are around tools that help me access my own gifts and love sharing this knowledge to help other get in touch with their own intuition. If you're not sure what the best fit would be, I would suggest setting up a crystal consultation, remote clearing or a 20 minute check in. 

The crystal consultation includes, a guided meditation, clearing, and crystal recommendations for your own personal healing. The crystal package (if you choose the works) will be a personalized selection of crystals for healing. The crystals will come to you fully cleared and charged! If you would like the crystal package without the consultation send me an email with three areas of focus. For example: love, peace, and protection.

Remote clearings mean that I will clear you with my pendulum and connect with your energy. When the clearing is complete I will share any impressions or messages that came up. 

With a 20 minute check in we would work together to find the best healing modality. Then we would quickly and efficiently gather insight through the chosen process. This option works well for people that have taken group classes and have a specific question.