I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with parents, professionals, healers and all around sensitive souls. This is what the have to say about our work together...

"Working with Tyler was something I didn’t know I needed but now I don’t want to be without.  A calming presence, her peaceful energy is felt even through a computer screen. Skilled in Heart Math, Tarot, crystal clearings, crystal prescriptions, and dream interpretation, I think of her as a one-woman wellness center! She’s led me back to myself several times and encouraged me to trust in my own intuitive gifts. It was obvious in our first meetings that she is invested in her own personal grown as much she is her clients. She lives her teachings and shares them in a relatable way. I’m thrilled and thankful she’s come into my life." 

"My experience with Tyler and the Heartmath technique has be truly renewing. The breathing exercises that she provided have been helpful on many levels. I am more relaxed, calm and I am able to receive more compassion towards myself rather then feeling a heavy burden. I stopped the self blaming game and being too overly hard on myself. Now I give myself permission to be in my heart center  that is full of love. The support and guidance is truly wonderful and I recommend it to anyone who is on their journey towards their heart and emotions. Tyler is amazing support guide to be on your journey." -Zandra Matthews

"I was introduced to HeartMath in the spring of 2017.  Tyler offered a course to a small group of educators, and I was interested to learn more about this self-regulation practice.  I felt that incorporating HeartMath into what I do as a teacher was something that could open so many doors to the children I work with.  Little did I know that HeartMath would be a practice that is also immensely helpful in my own life, personally and as a mother.  Tyler is incredibly knowledgeable and has a very calming demeanor.  She expertly led our group through several HeartMath techniques, focusing on breathing and developing a sense of coherence.  These techniques have proven helpful in coping with daily challenges, stressful work situations, and in calming myself and my children.  Not only was Tyler incredibly supportive throughout the course, but she has also made herself available for additional check-ins since.  I am so grateful to Tyler and the important work she is doing." -Robyn